Time Flies

Time flies

Since my last entry the new spring production of Grease has rehearsed, opened and performed more than half the shows of its Mini Tour Of Denmark. Once again we've had some good write ups (for one thing a 5 star review in Belingske, praising Rizzo's - Nynne Christine Holman's legs!!) and we're having a great time on the cast. Reumert or no Reumert. ;o) We have 3 more shows in Copenhagen and after that we just have one weekend in Vejle to finish it all of.

After that I am going more or less straight back to London to once again get stuck in. Things apparently have been very quiet over there recently, but hopefully that will all pick up - at least Panto Season is coming up! Damn, I can't believe I already mentioned Christmas.... Like I said, time flies...

Cheers for now.