So, here I am - sitting at the Ã…rhus Airport on wireless network and writing an entry in my blog. You gotta love techonology... Wireless network absolutely rocks and so does my newly purchased 12" PowerBook G4 SuperDrive! I bought it during rehearsals of Grease in Copenhagen and it is hands down the coolest computer I have ever owned. He he - yes, I am now officially a MacWanker.
Anyway! What I really want to talk about right now is another cool invention that is really kicking off in CyberSpace right now: PodCasting! Is is basically downloadable radio shows you put on your iPod or an inferior MP3 player to listen to on the go. You simply subscribe to the shows you like and whenever you're online a piece of software downloads the lates shows and you then transfer them to your media of choice. The great thing is that all the shows are free and most of them done by independent people so you get an amazing variety and no political correctness. Yey! Every need!

Careful though - the stuff is habit forming - in the short space of time I have been listening to podcasts I have already become addicted to:

Adam Curry's Daily Source Code

The Distorted View Show (not for the faint of heart)

Keith And The Girl

All brilliant and funny shows - well Adam Curry's The Daily Source Code isn't really that funny. More geeky come to think of it, but he IS the PodFather so...

You can now get all the podcasts through iTunes by downloading the latest version (iTunes 4.9)

Trust me, it's great - I'm even thinking about starting my own www.actortalk.co.uk podcast.

Watch this space!