Rock 'N' Roll

I really should have posted this a while ago, because now it is too late. I had a gig with a band I am depping in last Thursday at O'Neills in Soho. I have no idea why I didn't post it, but it simply slipped my mind.

However - the gig went amazingly well despite it being just my 2nd gig with them and I had a great time. I f****** LOVE singing rock 'n' roll these days! I used to sing in a couple of bands back in Denmark when I was just starting out singing, but I stopped doing it because I was wrecking my voice. Since then I really haven't sung much rock, but playing Kenickie in Grease there was no way round it - I had to sing rock. So I did and found that apparently my technique is now up to the challenge and I don't wreck my voice doing it.

So when I moved back to London I decided to try doing some band work again. And through some audition and word of mouth I have ended up depping for WhamDuran and Fully Funktional. And I am loving it. It is such a different way of expressing yourself than doing musicals.

So.. Next time I am doing a gig I will post it here.

For now, thanks to my friends and my agent who came and supported me. You all know who you are.

Bye for now.