Jesus Christ Superstar
Østre Gasværk Theatre, Copenhagen, 2002

Role: Ensemble & 1st cover Pilate (7 performances incl. re-opening night) and 1st cover Annas

Director: Lars Kaalund
Choreographer: Trinidad Bermuda
Musical Director: Lars Christiansen
Producer: Østre Gasværk Teater

Other cast members: Renie Mirro, Karen Bernadino, Jimmy Jørgensen, Morten Staugaard, Flemming Fanø

Performed at the amazing Østre Gasværk (think London's The Roundhouse) the show enjoyed rave revues when it first opened in the spring of 2002. I joined the show after a few cast changes for an extended run in the autumn and after only 5 days of rehearsals I covered for Pilate on the (re)opening night (original Pilate, Morten Staugaard, had his closing night in Twelfth Night at the Grønnegards Theatre and could not be present). Sadly, the next day I was back in the ensemble although I did have the privilege of covering on a few other occasions. Pilate, being one of my dream parts, is one one I am very happy to have put a 'tic' next to.

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