Thursford Christmas Spectacular
Thursford, England, 2001

Watch: Extract from the BBC documentary on the show: "The Greatest Show on Earth"
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Role: Soloist

Director: John Cushing
Musical Director:

This show has to be seen to be believed.

Set in what can best be described as mix between an old fire station and Santa's Grotto the show includes +40 singers, 20 female dancers, a 30 piece orchestra, a giant steam organ, enough Christmas glitter to challenge Regent Street, merry-go-rounds, goat herds and last but not least live white doves flying through the auditorium as the show reaches it's finale.

It attracts more than 90.000 people from all over England to a remote part of Nofolk every single year and is definitely as spectacular as it is Christmas magic.

If you are ever around those parts at Christmas time and if want of a truly unforgettable and in many different ways overwhelming experience, go!

Thursford Christmas Spectacular
Listen: BBC TV Producer Andy Holland on his documentary (requires Real Player)